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This is the debut bestseller.  Published at the beginning of the new millennium, it represents a new beginning for gay storylines.  No one has a fatal disease, no one dies, one easily mixes love with sex, there are happy outcomes.  The reason is because LIFE CAN BE THIS WAY, especially for isolated gay youth.  Oh, yes.  It gets better.  You can bet your life on that.


Scott Faraday is sixteen and has no idea that his world is about to radically change. Scott is fun-loving, in a small-town rock band, and out—but only to a select few.


Isolated in a high desert town, Scott doesn’t know anyone else who is gay. When Ryan St. Charles, a troubled 17-year-old, moves to Yucca Valley, Scott’s world tilts on its axis.


Ryan is a brash seventeen-year-old who has just severed a long relationship with a man, but still considers himself straight. As Scott and Ryan’s friendship develops, Scott begins to suspect that Ryan might be covering up that he’s gay. When Scott comes out to Ryan, their friendship is transformed into his first real relationship.


Tightly focused on these two characters, Desert Sons follows the thoughts and emotion of the ups and downs of a young adult gay relationship. Filled with first-time wonder, teenage angst, and the swirl of emotions that can only be expressed by youth, readers are pulled headlong into a highly-charged drama.


Available in paperback and ebook formats.

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